10:00am to 6:00pm

– Openings

– Islamic Storytelling

– “Professional Skills vs Personal Commitment” by Bakar Ali

– “Deaf Education In Morocco” by Zahra Ketoun

– ASL Poetry

– Dhuhr Prayer (Break)

– Lunch

– Self Defense Demo by Mohammad Yasin

– “Mental Health in Deaf Community” by Azad Najfi

– “Asr Prayer (Break)

– Fashion Show

– Trivia Game

– Maghrib Prayer (Break)

– Closings

Marriage Service in Library Room
6:30pm to 9:00pm

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DC Tour

Separate Registration to Join Deaf Muslims for a DC Tour.

Pick up at Diyanet Center of America at 10:30am

1. Gallaudet University
2. Starbucks Signing Store
3. Lunch Break
4. DC Tour Spots including:
• White House (Front)
• Abraham Lincoln Memorial
• Washington Monument
5. Arthur M. Sackler Gallery Museum (if time permits)

Drop off at Diyanet Center of America at 6:30pm

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