Interpreting Sign: World

We specialize and invest. Sign language interpreters traditionally work with any content. We still interpret in a wide variety of settings we also specialize in international content. That means you get interpreters with background knowledge. It matters, for example, that an interpreter knows the difference between the nation-state of say, Bolivia and states within a country or union, as in Florida. It sounds the same but the meaning matters and thus the sign is different. Imagine an interpreter with the knowledge to nuance the precision transfer between the two languages. "Do you have a system to track assignments? I'm always hunting for confirmations in my email." I always thought of scheduling systems as an exclusive domain of agencies (which we are not) but I told the client I would look into it. Now we have a scheduling portal for those who use our interpreters all the time. Client requests drove our evolution. Whether they wanted an easier way to pay an invoice rather than waiting for me to finish an assignment to call, or a client who wanted us to explain how we participate in international development projects, we flourish by listening to what people want. And we're still listening.