About DME

Deaf Muslim Expo (DME) aims to create network opportunities and entertainment for the Deaf Muslims and to provide beneficial resources to learn about employment.

The booths will provide information about support services and resources for the deaf community.

DME will display multicultural live fashion show to represent different countries and to embrace diversity in the Muslim world.

In between entertainment sessions, DME will provide few educational presentations on how to strive and thrive as a Deaf person.

Deaf participants will show their talents (whether it be poetry, comedy, performance, etc).

Deaf Muslims face a challenge in traditionally finding their life partner. We believe there is the right person matched for you. Deaf Muslim Expo offers a matrimonial service to assist the formal introduction of both singles in the comfortable and privately way.

On November 25th, a group of attendees will be able to visit and explore DC on a bus transport provided by DME! Interested? If so, don’t forget to include it in your registration.

In addition to the exhibit, there will be some booths that may provide potential hire opportunities for the job seekers.

Deaf people live all over the U.S. so DME is the perfect chance to finally meet new people in one place and perhaps a reunion!